Monday, October 11, 2010


I want desperatly to be one of those cool moms.

You know the ones...the ones that show up to volunteer in class looking casual and hip in jeans and black band t-shirts and Chuck Taylors. The ones who have time to bake for the bake sales and volunteer during the day to play guitar and teach kids etsy style crafting.

I strive desperatly to be one of those moms. It's a major goal of mine. Shallow, I suppose, but that's what it is. I fall majorly short usually because my Chucks are knock offs (cheaper) and my band t-shirts are filled with holes and covered in paint, I dont play guitar and while I love to bake and craft...I dont have a lot of time.

Today my daughter and I worked on filling the Letter Bag for preschool. This bag gets sent home with a different kid every week and the family is supposed to spend time filling the bag with stuff that starts with the Letter of Week. We got G. G is kind of hard, but after hours of thinking and looking on Google, we picked stuff like Gerber daisies and great white sharks and glasses. Then my daughter tells me that the bag is supposed to include a snack. So I thought long and hard and then came up with these:

Ghost suckers!

I seriously hope these 3 and 4 year olds appreciate this.

Dear Diary,

I have an addition. To cute journals and notebooks.

Every year of my teen-dom, I would buy a new one in a fit of good intentions to document my life. Almost every one of them started off with "Dear Diary, here's a little about me!!!" or some other gaggy sentence. I would describe me, as if the journal cared, detailing who I liked and who my friends were, the latest injustices in my life, how I was gonna blow this popsicle stand, etc.. And then after about 3 days of writing in the thing, my lust for documenting my teen angst would fade and I would forget about it.

The thing is, I sort of fancy myself a writer. If I could tap into my own brain and convert all my random thoughts and story ideas onto paper, I would NO DOUBT be the next chosen author on Oprah's Bookclub!!!

So this blog is going to be a test for me.Will I write faithfully every day? Or will I write strong and steady for 3 days and then let it die? I'm hoping it's the former because I really, really want to be cool like my bloggin' heros. Plus I think I've got some good shit to say.