Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear Diary,

I have an addition. To cute journals and notebooks.

Every year of my teen-dom, I would buy a new one in a fit of good intentions to document my life. Almost every one of them started off with "Dear Diary, here's a little about me!!!" or some other gaggy sentence. I would describe me, as if the journal cared, detailing who I liked and who my friends were, the latest injustices in my life, how I was gonna blow this popsicle stand, etc.. And then after about 3 days of writing in the thing, my lust for documenting my teen angst would fade and I would forget about it.

The thing is, I sort of fancy myself a writer. If I could tap into my own brain and convert all my random thoughts and story ideas onto paper, I would NO DOUBT be the next chosen author on Oprah's Bookclub!!!

So this blog is going to be a test for me.Will I write faithfully every day? Or will I write strong and steady for 3 days and then let it die? I'm hoping it's the former because I really, really want to be cool like my bloggin' heros. Plus I think I've got some good shit to say.


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