Friday, November 19, 2010

Today's Challenge

DAY TWO: Nine things about myself

I already wrote 33 things about myself. But here's my attempt at more.

1.) As a child and into early adulthood, I wanted to be a fashion designer, an artist, an actress, a singer, an author, a russian history scholar, an archivist for the Smithsonian, a chef/cafe owner and a drama teacher. I still dont quite understand how I ended up in social work. I fear that after having worked in this field for over 10 years has made me hard and jaded. Every day, I lose a little more of that liberal idealism that helped nudge me along all this time.

2.) I think that everyone has a story. And people want to be heard and touched. My dad once told me that was his professional philosophy and I think of it everyday.

3.) I recorded an interview for StoryCorps with my bestie Colleen and it remains one of the coolest things I've ever done. We recorded our interview in a tiny booth in the middle of Grand Central Station, which lent an air of coolness right there. We talked about nothing really...why we were friends, our hopes and dreams...silly stuff. But it was an awesome experience and I wish that I would do more oral history stuff with family and friends. Perhaps this will be my new project...

4.) I'm really sappy and sentimental. I save weird things - ticket stubs and menus and randomness because it all has meaning to me. I have notes from high school, cards from my birthdays, report cards. It means zilch to anyone else, but I keep it. Now that 3 of my grandparents are gone, seeing things they wrote or made is my connection to them. One of my favorites is a big manilla envelope full of old Polaroids. My grandpa gave it to me for my birthday right before he died. He went through and collected all these photos - me as a baby, me and my siblings, him and my grandma...and he labeled all of them.

5.) I cry at least 4 times a week. I am sappy and emotional and I get my feelings hurt often. I pretend to be tough, but really, I have thin skin. I hate seeing people be rude to others - it will literally make me cry. Once when I was pregnant, I was in line at the post office. The man in front of me was on his cell phone, but not being obnoxious about it. The man in front of him turned around and screamed at him for being rude, talking to loud, etc. And I just lost it. There was no call for that. A simple "would you mind speaking quieter?" would have suffised.

When I was a kid, I used to cry when I would see old people or old houses. Not because I was afraid, but because I was thinking of how much they were loved once and how much they had lost. And it still makes me sad to this day.

6.) I have intuitive dreams. I have dreamed about 3 of my aunts kids before she told me she was pregnant (down to the detail of what they looked like, when they would be born, etc.). I used to dream about my grandfather after he died and it was literally as real as me being in the same room with a living person. I've dreamt about bad things before they happen and have strong deja vu.

7.) I think there is nothing more beautiful than standing in the surf of the ocean, letting the water rush over your feet. To me, that is paradise.

8.) I am one loyal bitch when it comes to my people. Dont cross them or you'll cross me. I beleive I was once described as carrying a bayonet in front of Colleen, poking people out of her way. I really dont think it was supposed to be a compliment but that's the way I've taken it.

9.) I feel incredibly lucky and blessed beyond all belief to have a good husband, a healthy child, weird but supportive parents, siblings that I think of as friends, friends that I consider sisters. I dont know what the hell I've done to deserve them, but I'm not knocking it!

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